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Restore Your Holiday with this free

Survival Guide

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The Holiday Grief Survival Guide
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Each year our hearts are filled with enough fun to get us through to the next holiday season when we again enjoy our loved ones. But what will it be like now? This year is marked by the empty chair at the dinner table and the longing to be reunited with the one we lost aches within our souls.

After working with hundreds of grieving clients over the course of twenty years, Licensed Counselor, Marilyn Willis developed the “RESTORED” proven step by step process to help you navigate through a heartbreaking loss to the restoration of your life.

“RESTORED: The Holiday Grief Survival Guide” is a practical booklet to help you survive this holiday season. 


  • Survival Tips and ideas for making it through each day

  • Holiday Rituals that heal and bring peace

  • Help to prepare for the days ahead

  • Alleviate anxiety about the empty chair at your table

  • Encouraging statements to make your day better

  • Ways to navigate your loss after the holiday is over


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