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Lending a Helping Hand

Equip Your Team To Comfort 

Learn Practical Ways to Come Alongside the Grieving...

One of the hardest parts of grieving is that there is no template, no format, no treatment that will work for every person or situation. The grief process for each of us is as unique as the loss itself. This class will equip your team to understand the grief process, what to say to encourage a survivor of loss, and practical ways to comfort those who are suffering. 

Forest Road

Grief & Loss Education

Learn how to guide your clients on their journey to healing...

Many survivors of loss do not know where to begin healing from a loss. Counselor and award-winning author, Marilyn Willis, explains the most important concepts that facilitate healing from a loss. These concepts include understanding the importance of mourning, finding the balance of mourning versus adjusting to a new normal, and the choice every survivor will face. Your team will leave this session with the confidence to support those in need of comfort.

Working Tools

Building Resiliency

Learn Proven Practical Steps to Becoming a Resilient Survivor of Loss... 

When I sit with survivors of loss repeatedly the concept of resiliency comes up as what has helped them through their loss to restore life. Together we will discover how the grief process actually teaches each survivor resiliency. Resiliency is not a trait but a process that can be learned by anyone. You and your team can help those in need to foster resiliency in their grief process and current life.

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