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A Six-Day Grief Devotional

Does finding God during your grief and loss feel impossible?

God has not forgotten you.

If you find yourself in chaos, suffering, in turmoil, confused, lost, brokenhearted, and in need of Jesus’ restoration, then you are in the right place. “RESTORED Moments: A Six-Day Grief Devotional” is a comforting book to help you find Christ during your grief and apply the Bible to your loss. ​


  • Tips for navigating loss

  • Ways God creates order during the chaos of grief

  • Biblical examples of how God provides amid hardship

  • Biblical promises that bring comfort 

  • Renewal as you rest in God's word

  • God's plan for Eternal and Current Restoration


★★★★★ “I was reminded and encouraged in my faith, that God can bring restoration out of ANY situation. I love that each devotional is linked to scripture and describes an aspect of God’s character.”

- Åsa Fisher, YWAM Counseling School Director

★★★★★ "Each day of the RESTORED Moments devotional has rich and encouraging content that is worthy of an extended time of thought, prayer, and worship. During my own loss, I remember experiencing a flood of thoughts, in the shock, grief, and confusion. This devotional’s structure gives the space to organize these thoughts and a path for where to begin processing”

- Leah Green, Navigators Closer Prayer Retreat Co-Director


Thank you, Father, that you are with us wherever we go, even into the depths of grief (Joshua 1:9). You are our God of Order, our God of Comfort, our God of Memory, our God of Renewal, and our God of Restoration!  Today, may we discover Your Restored Moment. Amen.

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