​Are you suffering from a heartbreaking loss? In your grief are you experiencing yearning, longing, disbelief, extreme sadness, confusion, numbness, overwhelm, exhaustion, insomnia, anger, inability to focus, agitation, or anxiety? Do you feel you have lost a part of yourself?

Every journey starts with a first step. Often, this step is the most difficult one. I am proud of you for being here. I am Marilyn Willis, and I took my first step when I was fifteen years old. After my mother died, I struggled to find my way through grief. 

I found restoration after many years. Like a beat-up piece of furniture that has been refurbished, my foundation is still the same, but my body, mind, and spirit have been renewed and restored. Through that process, I developed a passion for helping others find their way through the darkness of grief to the light that is waiting beyond their loss.

After working with hundreds of grieving clients over the course of twenty years, I developed a proven step by step process to help you navigate through a heartbreaking loss to the restoration of your life. Please be encouraged that it is possible to restore your life after such a loss.

Together we will explore the restoration of your physical functioning, mental clarity, emotional stability, interest in people and activities, and purpose for your future. Are you ready to take your first step toward restoration? Click the "Get Help" button to allow me to walk alongside you.


Marilyn Willis is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor, who graduated from Colorado Christian University with a Master of Arts in Counseling. Marilyn lost her mother when she was fifteen, and thereafter attended a grief group in high school which started her on the road to healing.


Over the past twenty years, Marilyn has been leading grief groups at churches, nursing homes, and as a hospice bereavement coordinator. From these many years of helping countless grieving individuals, Marilyn developed a restoration program to help survivors of loss take practical steps from loss to survive and thrive again in their restored life.

  Grief Therapy










Counseling Individuals, Couples, Families & Support Groups  

Training in Complicated Grief Therapy


Served as a hospice bereavment coordinator 


Created and Utilizes the "RESTORED"grief process 


When facilitating Grief groups provides a safe non-judgemental

place to share, and

learn about the grief process. Members discover their unique paths to their restored lives together



Grief Seminar







Hands-on Training to Support Survivors of Loss

Actionable Steps to Heal from Loss

Real-Life Examples of how to engage the brokenhearted


Training in the Restored Principles that Build Resilency


 Free Support










A safe place for Survivors of Loss to Discover How to...


Survive grief

Build resiliency

Thrive in your restored life after loss.                   

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"RESTORED" Workbook







A Self-Paced

Grief Workbook

for Your Journey from Loss to Life


This workbook's information, illustrations, real-life examples, suggested exercises, and reflection questions make the complicated world of grief make sense and highlights the journey to healing.


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