What to do if Guilt Takes Over After Your Loss | Counselor Marilyn Willis

Lets take one more small step toward our restored lives together. In Episode 21, Counselor Marilyn, with Good Mourning with Marilyn, guides you in what to do if Guilt Takes Over after Your Loss. Many of us have experienced guilt within our lives when we feel bad for the way we talk to a friend or a family member, when we conducted ourselves in a way and wish we had differently. During loss guilt can overcome us by the last interactions, we had with our loved one by maybe thoughts that we had during an illness or by something that we wish we would have done differently.

Did I do the right thing? What if I had made a different decision? What if I would have intervened sooner? What if I wouldn't have said that? Are you repeating a question like this to yourself? Watch this weeks video to Find out what to do.

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